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Box 159, SE-334 23 Anderstorp, Sweden
+46 371 588 160

Patrik Berggren
Key Account Management Datacenter



Company Profile

Enoc System is one of Scandinavia's leading manufacturers and suppliers of enclosures and containments in combination with accessories for network and data centers. Our marketing and sales are focused in northern Europe, with subsidiaries in Germany and France, and resellers in Denmark, Norway and Belgium. Together with a network of partners we are able to provide a strong sales organisation close to the customer with extensive warehousing to increase product availability. Enoc’s modular system makes it possible to easily create new and customized solutions, regardless if it is used for entire server rooms or for individual racks and data cabinets.

Core Competences

Flexibility and customer focus are Enoc’s cornerstones. We can quickly adapt to customer needs throughout the production. The unique modular system can be built in a variety of variations. The aisle containment solutions, chimneys and freestanding HAC:s enable temperature optimization that generate a high grade of energy savings. It’s the details that make the difference. We are determined to find a solution that best suits the customer, with quality from the ground up. That’s what we call ”The Enoc Way”.

Industry Sectors

  • Network enclosures and computer installation systems
  • Customized solutions for network and data center
  • Server racks
  • IT enclosures
  • Fiber optic cabinets
  • Aisle containment
  • Cooling solutions for server rooms
  • Test and measurement Industry (automation, process control)


  • SISC RISE - Research and environment testrigs
  • ESS - Server and Network racks
  • University LIU, LTU - Server racks
  • GleSYS - Datacenter
  • IP Only - Datacenter
  • Banhof - Datacenter
  • Cebeo - Datacenter
  • Public Authority Service’s data center
  • Saab - Process Control
  • Volvo - Testrigs & Process Control

Company size


Procurement categories

- Electrical engineering and magnets
- Electronics and radio frequency
- Mechanical Engineering and raw materials
- Information technology
- Civil engineering, building and technical services

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