Elitkomposit AB
Kärrandsvägen 9, 451 76 Uddevalla, Sweden
+46 (0) 522 65 77 60

Erik Kullgren
Process developer
+46 706 05 77 76


Company Profile

Elitkomposit AB is a producer of goods in advanced composite materials. We develop material combinations to suit particular applications and particular requirements. Product size range from millimeters to several meters and series lengths spans from prototypes to tens of thousands. Typically, advanced composites are used wherever traditional materials hacve reached their limit and no longer function well. Composites can be tailored to provide multifunctional behaviour in diverse combinations, i.e stiffness combined with radio transparency, structures with integrated sensors or conductive components with low radiation absorbtion.

Core Competences

  • Advanced composites
  • Carbon fiber
  • Radio transparency
  • Integrated sensors radome

Industry Sectors

  • Space
  • Medical
  • Telecom
  • Defense
  • Aerospace


  • Ruag Space
  • Elekta
  • Panthera

Company size


Procurement categories

- Civil engineering, building and technical services
- Electronics and radio frequency

Big Science Sweden contact

Adam Wikström