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Daikin Sweden
Svärdvägen 19 , SE-182 19 Danderyd , Sweden
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Jimmy Svedin
Product Manager



Company Profile

Daikin Industries, Ltd. engages in the manufacture and sale of air conditioning systems. It operates through the following segments: air conditioning and refrigeration business, chemicals, and others. The air conditioning and refrigeration business segment provides residential air conditioners, residential air purifiers, commercial-use air conditioners, commercial-use air purifiers, large-sized chillers, marine container refrigeration units and marine vessel air conditioners. The chemicals segment provides fluoropolymers, fine chemical products, fluorocarbons and chemical engineering machinery. The others segment includes oil hydraulic business, defense systems business, and electronics business.

Core Competences

Air Conditioning Residential air conditioners Residential air purifiers Refrigeration Process cooling Commercial-use air conditioners Commercial-use air purifiers Humidity-adjusting external air-processing units Large-sized chillers Marine container refrigeration units Marine vessel air conditioners Chemicals Fluorocarbons Fluoroplastics Fluoro coatings Fluoroelastomers Fluorinated oils Oil- and water-repellent products Mold release agents Pharmaceuticals and intermediates Semiconductor-etching products Dry air suppliers Air filtration Oil Hydraulics Industrial hydraulic equipment and systems Mobile hydraulic equipment Centralized lubrication equipment and systems Fuses Aircraft parts Fire extinguishers for aircraft engines Medical equipment Rebreathers and similar equipment Home-use oxygen therapy equipment Electronics business System management of product development process Facility design CAD software Molecular chemistry software

Industry Sectors

All sectors


  • City mall, Tbilisi
  • 5MW cooling Quatar World cup stadium
  • 183,5 MW cooling Cambridge Hospital
  • Health sector application
  • 1MW cooling The Tekirdağ City Hospital
  • Health sector, 23MW cooling

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Procurement categories

- Vacuum and low temperature

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Fredrik Engelmark