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Compliq IT AB
Magistratsvägen 10, S-226 43 Lund , Sweden
+46 46 384 777

Anders Malm

Camilla Edborg
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Company Profile

Compliq IT is a Swedish company with over 30 years of experience. We offer highly specialized services and products. - We facilitate customized, specialized server, workstation and computer solutions - We provide IT-support and IT-services - We supply IT-products and configurable computers/servers through our webshop. We are experts in special requests and build to order computer equipment for; military requirements and/or different temperatures, advanced technology in hospitals and research areas, computers/servers that handle large amounts of data or large amounts of simulations and calculations, and odd configurations amongst others. We also take care of backups, user problems and other issues. Our customers range from different industries in several countries.

Core Competences

  • Custom-made configurations and constructions
  • Hardware design
  • SLA setups
  • Cluster hardware
  • Simulators, vehicle computers, calculating computers, long-life series, servers, industrial computers, GPU based computer
  • IT-support and services
  • IT-installations
  • IT-architecture

Industry Sectors

Innovation, Research, development and science IT Industry Military and Defence Academic facilities Hospitals Research laboratories Biotech Education Manufactoring plants High end industrial Agricultural SMBs.


  • Lund University
  • Max IV
  • Cellavision AB
  • 31173 Services AB
  • Region Skåne Regional Council
  • NTI Gymnasium
  • Defence Industry
  • Validus Engineering

Company size


Procurement categories

- Information technology
- Civil engineering, building and technical services

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Sven-Christian Ebenhag