AirSon Engineering

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AirSon Engineering AB
Metallgatan 33, 262 72 Ängelholm, Sweden

Dan Kristensson
+46 431 40 25 88

Company Profile

AirSon Engineering AB provides contracting and consulting services in energy, building technology and controlled indoor climate. AirSon’s focus is mainly on installation-intensive projects with high demands and tight tolerances in e.g. microelectronics, medical technology, injection moulding and food industry. By promoting a creative engineering culture and to be in the forefront of technological development, the company has become a textbookexample for good engineers and rethinking innovation. The company has over the years produced an impressive number of patents, new products and commercial ramifications alongside the primary business.

Core Competences

  • Cleanroom construction and installation Controlled indoor climate
  • Applications for controlled microclimate
  • Aerosol and air movement
  • HVAC engineering and installation
  • Digitalization and energy optimization

Industry Sectors

  • Research and laboratory
  • Facilities Microelectronics
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Injection moulding


  • We develop the framework, specify the requirements for the HVAC installation of the ESS facility.
  • We validate the HVAC engineering work at the ESS facility.
  • Multiple installations and solutions for well known companies in the industry sector with high demands and tight tolerances.
  • We have three air laboratories at our HQ in Ängelholm where we develop tailor made applications and solutions.

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Procurement categories

- Civil engineering, building and technical services

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