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Hanögatan 5, 211 24 Malmö, Sweden
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Staffan Nordström
Sales and Marketing Manager
+46 725 35 92 88

Company Profile

Airec develops, manufactures, and markets innovative heat exchangers for gas to liquid heat transfer. With a unique, patented, asymmetrical plate design, Airec offers compact, highly efficient and optimized heat exchangers for applications where traditional plate heat exchangers do not work. Airec BPHEs provide improvements such as higher efficiency and condensation rates, lower pressure drop, increased compactness, wider operating temperature ranges, and reduced cost.

Core Competences

Airec has in-house expertise in designing, tool making, prototyping, production and testing of heat exchanger solutions. Besides the existing range of products, Airec is also involved in several joint development projects with customers who are seeking new solutions based on the unique Airec technology.

Industry Sectors

  • Cryogenic systems for high tech research facilities.
  • CHP (Combined heat and power)
  • Compressors
  • Gas fired heating appliances
  • Heat pumps/refrigeration
  • High-pressure systems (such as intercoolers)
  • Heat recovery


  • Helium re-liquefaction to JINR (Joint Institute for nuclear research, Dubna Russia) via our partner ILK, Dresden. Secondary heat exchangers for CHP units to large German OEM suppliers.
  • Heat recovery from exhaust gas systems for large aluminum plants.
  • Charge air coolers for combustion engine OEM suppliers.
  • Combined burner chamber, primary heat exchanger and condensing unit in gas fired heating applications to global OEM’s.

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