Advanced Vacuum Distribution AB

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Järngatan 12, 234 35 Lomma, Sweden
+46 703 41 21 54

Dan Ertsas
Technical Sales
+46 703 41 21 54

Company Profile

Advanced Vacuum is a Swedish distributor of Edwards Vacuum, and seven other well-known manufacturers within the vacuum area. Since 1993 we have delivered products and services in vacuum and thin films. Continuously, we have built up a network of world- leading suppliers that complement each other. With a solid range, we can cater to our customers’ needs from the food industry to space research. We have expertise in all processes and applications where vacuum is used. Most of our suppliers have been working for over 15 years. We know how important it is to minimize production stoppages, whether in research or production. Since its inception, we have learned that better technology produces better results.

Core Competences

  • High precision and large mechanical components – manufacturing and assembly
  • Diagnostics, detectors and instruments
  • Vacuum and leak detection technologies

Industry Sectors

Industries from food industry to space research

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