Additive Composite Uppsala

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Flogstavägen 89 B, 75272 Uppsala, Sweden
+46 73 579 80 56

Adam Engberg
+46 73 579 80 56

Company Profile

Additive Composite Uppsala AB exploits the latest technologies in 3D-printing with composite materials and plastics. We work with customers to optimise design and to exploit new materials in high technology sectors. There is specific expertise in radiation absorbers (X-rays, neutrons, gamma) for shielding, masks, etc. We are the World’s only supplier of components printed in composites with a high load of boron carbide. Our new materials can replace toxic or environmentally damaging alternatives.

Core Competences

  • Additive manufacturing with plastics and composites
  • Design for additive manufacturing
  • Development and production of novel composites as functional materials
  • Development and use of apparatus for neutron and X-ray studies

Industry Sectors

  • Research equipment
  • Nuclear
  • Plastics and composites


Supplied custom neutron absorbing electrical insulators to European Spallation Source

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Fredrik Engelmark