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Axel Edman
Marketing Manager

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ACP AB has been supplying textile based ventilation in Sweden from Danish manufacturer KE Fibertec for over 25 years. We do all the calculations and technical consultation in close dialogue with our clients and every installation is custom made for each case and demand. We deliver over 10 000 orders all over Sweden in all applications of schools, offices, stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, gyms, sports arenas, warehouses. Our textile ducts and high impulse nozzles can provide draft-free, even air distribution in isothermic, cooling and heating applications.

Core Competences

Custom made solutions for each project to ensure optimal ventilation Superior air distribution for draft-free, even indoor climate Capable of heating large facilities from ceiling over 25 meters height with less than 1°C difference floor to ceiling Unbeatable performance for even distribution of cooled air in condensation resistant ducts ACP AB Gravörgatan 12, SE-253 60 Ramlösa, Sweden +46 42 29 34 00 Axel Edman Marketing Manager +46 42 499 01 22 Available in all diameters and lengths Low noise, low weight, high performance

Industry Sectors

Ventilation Cooling Heating


  • Max IV
  • Accelerator/Microscope and science lab Astra Zeneca
  • Medical labs Medicon Village
  • Medical labs Arrhenius Lab
  • Science lab Forsmark Nuclear Power plant
  • Control room Oskarshamn Nuclear Power plant
  • Control room

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- Civil engineering, building and technical services
- Health, safety and environment

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