Partner Event in Lund • BigScience@LU 2020


onsdag, 16 september, 2020 09:00 - 17:00


Lund (karta) (Google calendar) (ICS)

Partner Event in Lund • BigScience@LU 2020

Addressing the need of academic input in building and maintaining Big Science facilities. The information will be updated. • Save the date.

For more information contact: Lennart Gisselsson

Big Science facilities are not only important as major research tools for academia. The actual building and upgrading of these facilities drive the development of new, cutting-edge technologies and processes. This new technology not only boosts the Big Science community but can often also be used in unrelated research areas and may have major impact on other societal challenges and innovation.

Therefore, there are multiple benefits for academia when engaging in contributions to the upstream delivery of technology to Big Science facilities - scientific, technological and societal. Another possible benefit is new collaboration with industries that manufacture products used in Big Science.

This workshop focuses on Lund University's past and future involvement in upstream delivery to Big Science facilities, taking up questions such as:

  • What is Lund University's track record in boosting Big Science, and what are our main strengths?
  • What additional areas do we want to develop in over the next 10 years? How do we ensure a steady flow of competence and educate the right students?
  • How do we both attract and maintain the right competence at the university when the needs of these facilities fluctuate over time and development cycles?
  • How should we tackle the national issue of in-kind delivery to Big Science projects?