Big Science Sweden Conference 2019

Please find here the presentations from Big Science Sweden Conference 26 November 2019 at Elite Hotel Ideon in Lund.

Big Science Sweden Conference 2019, 26-27 November was this year's event where researchers, industry and research facilities joined forces in solving some of the great challenges in building research facilities. The first day was focused on current needs and the second day, AIMday Big Science Technology, focused on long term challenges.


Big Science facilities – status and challenges

CERN_Richard Jacobsson_191126

ITER_Anders Wallander__191126

ESS_Pia Kinhult _191126

ESO _SKA _Patrik Carlsson_191126

Doing Business with Big Science

CERN_Jerome Pierlot_191126

ESS_Mirko Menninga_191126

F4E_Niels van den Ven_191126

RFR Solutions_Mats Orup_191126

Advanced materials & Production methods

CERN_Future detector needs_191126

Electronics (Hardware)

ESS_Karl Vestin_Electronics_Hardware_191126

MaxIV_Peter Sjöblom_Control and IT systems_191126

ITER_Anders Wallander_Electronics_191126

CERN_Richard Brenner_Electronics_191126

AI, Control Systems & Data Acquisition, Big Data

ITER_Anders Wallander_Integrated control system software and data_191126

Power supplies & RF systems

ESS_Carlos Martins - Power Supplies for Particle Accelerators_191126

Safety & Quality

ESS_Helen Boyer_Occupational Health and Safety_191126

ESS_Sigrid Kozielski_191126

ESS_Peter Jacobsson_Environment, Safety, Security and Quality_191126

ESS_Mattias Skafar_Quality Management_191126

Technology integration, Consortia & Sub-contracting

ESS_Håkan Danered_From defining to delivering_191126

F4E_Niels van den Ven_Technology integration_191126

VDL_Hans Priem_191126

VTT_Paljakka_VTT experiences from ITER_191126

ESS_Magnus Göhran_Remote Handling System_1911n>

Vacuum, Cryogenics & Magnets

CERN_Hector Garcia Gavela_Vacuum technology_191126

ESS_Philipp Arnold_Cryogenics at ESS_191126

CERN_Friedrich Lackner_191126