Sample injector and diagnostic system

Coordinating university:

Uppsala University, http://www.uu.se/

Project description

The Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics at Uppsala University provided parts of the bio-imaging instrumentation as a Swedish in-kind contribution to the European XFEL. The instrumentation will permit ultra-fast coherent diffraction studies on non-crystalline objects, such as single virus particles or biomolecuies. The project included tests of prototypes at FLASH in Hamburg and at the LCLS at Stanford.


Uppsala University:

  • Janos Hajdu, Professor, molecular biophysics, specialist in extreme photon science, ultra-fast diffractive imaging, biophysics, structural sciences
  • Jakob Andreasson, Specialist in AMO and laser science

Core deliverables

Uppsala developed a sample injector and diagnostic instrumentation for the European XFEL.



Total budget

EUR 520,000


Procurement codes

Optics and photonics