Neutron Reflectometry Detectors

Coordinating university:

Lund University,

Project description

ESS will be the most powerful neutron source in the world. The unprecedented neutron flux has made the development of new detector technology necessary. In particular, Neutron Reflectometry is facing a huge challenge: the required instantaneous rate capability is on the order of one thousand times higher than what current state-of-the-art detectors can achieve, and the spatial resolution needs to improve fourfold.
After three years of intense development, the Multi-Blade detector fulfills all the above requirements and has been accepted to be the detector used on the two reflectometry instruments built at ESS: ESTIA and FREIA.


Lund University, Division of Nuclear Physics:

  • Francesco Messi, Doctor, Researcher


  • Francesco Piscitelli, Doctor, Detector Scientist

University of Perugia:

  • Giacomo Mauri, Master of Science

Core deliverables

Neutron detector for cold and thermal neutrons



Total budget

EUR 400,000



Procurement codes

Particle and photon detectors