Development of CERN superconducting Canted Cosine Theta magnet prototype

Uppsala University,

Project description

CERN is currently upgrading its Large Hadron Collider to increase its collision frequency (luminosity) by an order of magnitude. To do so a new type of superconducting orbit corrector dipole magnet based on the Canted Cosine Theta (CCT) design is being developed. FREIA Laboratory is aiming at signing a so called K-contract with CERN for the fabrication of a series such magnets.


Uppsala University, Department of Physics and Astronomy, FREIA:

  • Tord Ekelöf, Professor, project manager
  • Roger Ruber, Docent, accelerator system
  • Kevin Pepitone, Research engineer


  • Mikael Vieweg


  • Glyn Kirby

Core deliverables

  • Design of the CCT magnet
  • Fabrication of the prototype
  • Tests of the prototype
  • Report on the test results

Industry involvement

  • Uppsala university
  • Scanditronix



Total budget

EUR 500,000


Procurement codes

Electrical engineering and magnets
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials
Vacuum and low temperature