Development of CERN superconducting Canted Cosine Theta magnet prototype

Coordinating university:

Uppsala University,

Project description

CERN is currently upgrading its Large Hadron Collider to increase its collision frequency (luminosity) by an order of magnitude. To do so a new type of superconducting orbit corrector dipole magnet based on the Canted Cosine Theta (CCT) design is being developed. FREIA Laboratory is aiming at signing a so called K-contract with CERN for the fabrication of a series such magnets.


Uppsala University, Department of Physics and Astronomy, FREIA:

  • Tord Ekelöf, Professor, project manager
  • Roger Ruber, Docent, accelerator system
  • Kevin Pepitone, Research engineer


  • Mikael Vieweg


  • Glyn Kirby

Core deliverables

  • Design of the CCT magnet
  • Fabrication of the prototype
  • Tests of the prototype
  • Report on the test results

Industry involvement

  • Uppsala university
  • Scanditronix



Total budget

EUR 500,000


Procurement codes

Electrical engineering and magnets
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials
Vacuum and low temperature