Autonomous Radiation Mapping

Coordinating university:

Lund University,

Project description

During commissioning, operation and decommissioning of nuclear power plants, particle accelerators and industries dealing with radioactive materials, there is a need to monitor radiation levels and isotope composition over large swathes of land surrounding the facilities. Ideally, this would be done regularly by an automated system which we are developing.


Lund University, Faculty of Engineering

  • Anders Robertsson, Team leader, Professor, Department of Automatic Control
  • Marcus Greiff, Doctoral student, Department of Automatic Control
  • Rikard Tyllström, Lecturer in Aeronautical Sciences, TFHS
  • Emil Rofors, Postgraduate, Department of Physics
  • Christopher Rääf, Professor, Department of Translational Medicine

Core deliverables

  • Autonomous Radiation Mapping
  • Isotope Composition Identification
  • Mobile Gamma Spectroscopy

Industry involvement

  • Barsebäck Nuclear Power Plant
  • European Spallation Source



Total budget

EUR 200 000



Procurement codes

Electrical engineering and magnets
Gases, chemicals, waste collection and radiation equipment
Health, safety and environment