Autonomous airship for indoor inspections

Coordinating university:

Lund University,

Project description

Efficient use of Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in terms of flying time and having them work autonomously for monitoring in accelerator tunnels and other hostile environments, and at the same time avoiding contaminated dust being moved into different facilities regions. We are taking into account the radioactive environment and are improving the performance of positioning systems for autonomous navigation, operation, sensors and processing of collected data. We see that the results obtained are of interest to the research infrastructures ESS and MAX IV, which also expresses the need for autonomous radiation inspection.


Lund University, Faculty of Engineering

  • Anders Robertsson, Team leader, Professor, Department of Automatic Control
  • Marcus Greiff, Doctoral student, Department of Automatic Control
  • Rikard Tyllström, Lecturer in Aeronautical Sciences, TFHS
  • Emil Rofors, Postgraduate, Department of Physics
  • Kalle Åström, Professor, Department of Mathematics

Core deliverables

  • Enhanced positioning systems
  • Autonomous indoor navigation
  • Efficient solutions for "Lighter-than-air"-applications
  • Development of sensors



Total budget

EUR 150 000



Procurement codes

Electrical engineering and magnets
Particle and photon detectors
Health, safety and environment