Svedala Mekaniska
Företagsgatan 13 SE , 233 51 Svedala, Sweden
+46 40 40 40 90

Jimmy Nordström

Svedala Mekaniska

Svedala Mekaniska offers machining services, such as turning and milling, in both large and small diameters in different materials. Through partners, we can also help clients with welding, laser and waterjet cutting, and various surface treatments.

Core Competencies

We can offer high-quality turned and milled parts in different materials. As a business partner, we are flexible and deliver on time. We have our own measuring equipment.

Industry Sectors

  • Research and development
  • Marine companies
  • Packaging 
  • Mining 


Scanditronix Magnet

Company size


Procurement code(s)

- Civil engineering, building and technical services
- Electronics and radio frequency
- Health, safety and environment
- Mechanical Engineering and raw materials