BitSim AB
Brahevägen 2, 169 69 Solna, Sweden
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Business Development Manager
Anders Sivard
+46 701 80 85 00


BitSim is an electronics design house with a focus on Imaging, Edge Computing with Data Acquisition, and High-Speed Data Collection solutions for product-oriented customers. We have developed a number of solutions we want to offer our customers to use in other projects to shorten the time to market. Since 2000, BitSim has designed FPGAs, boards and embedded SW for detectors, sensors, imaging systems and communication equipment ending up in products such as industrial cameras, imaging systems, X-ray, automotive and medical displays, alarm systems, seismic data acquisition, telecom systems.

Core Competences

Data conversion ADC, DAC, Advanced electronics, Printed Circuit Board Design & Layout, FPGA Development, embedded HW & SW, IP blocks, PCIe, DDR4, USB3 and 10G Ethernet.

Industry Sectors

  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Scientific
  • Automobile
  • Defense


  • Uppsala University Geophysical Institution: Ongoing Seismic Exploration project for bore hole exploration
  • Uppsala University Physics/IRF: Analog to Digital Conversion with FPGA
  • Company: We have developed a high resolution digital seismic acquisition system with sensors collecting and storing geo data. The detector is used at great depths in oceans and seas and has been produced by us in high volumes.
  • Startup - Photon Detector - 1 ns pulse single photon detector
  • BitSim is the only certified alliance partner to Xilinx in the Nordic

Company size


Procurement categories

- Electronics and radio frequency

Big Science Sweden contact

Dr. Sven-Christian Ebenhag