Aerobase Innovations AB
Kompanivägen 35, LGH-1803, 974 44 Luleå, Sweden
+46 70 419 78 17

Founder and CEO
Bijish Babu

Aerobase Innovations

Aerobase Innovations, based in Luleå in Sweden, has extensive experience in materials modelling and process modelling of hot/cold stamping, tool design, AM, welding, etc. Aerobase is currently licensing material models for the automotive industry. The main products are 1) a model for combined phase evolution and flow strength during hot stamping, and 2) a model for deformation and failure of hot stamped parts.

Core Competencies

  • Designing innovative stamping tools.
  • CFD-based DT for reheating/tempering furnaces for metal producers and the automotive industry.
  • Materials and process models for metals AM within the automotive and aerospace sectors.
  • Accelerated discovery of PCM materials for heat storage solutions.
  • Specialized scientific computational codes
  • Simulation services

Industry Sectors

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Energy


Aerobase coordinated a Swedish national-funded project with GKN Aerospace and Luleå University of Technology, where we developed a model for tailoring the microstructure during AM.

We are also participating in three Horizon Europe projects:

FleXcrash, a project coordinated by EURECAT, in partnership with several companies in the automotive sector. The FleXcrash project aims to integrate several hot-stamped components into a single HPDC+extruded part.

ALABAMA, a project coordinated by SINTEF, in partnership with several industrial partners in the automotive, aerospace, and marine sectors. Aerobase develops digital twins for the L-DED process and necessary materials models.

RESTORE, a project coordinated by the European Welding Federation, with 20 partners. Aerobase is modelling the laser cladding process and modelling materials behavior.

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