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Studsvik Nuclear has 70 years’ experience of developing and constructing customized  laboratory equipment to be used in demanding environment. We always strive to offer our customers the best solution to their problems by understanding their individual need before starting any design process. Besides designing and constructing complex equipment, Studsvik also can offer verification tests in dry or wet conditions and with external irradiation of varied dose rates.

In our hot cell laboratories we perform advanced testing of highly radioactive materials such as reactor fuel, reactor core components and structural materials. Our customers come to us for e.g. tailored mechanical testing, chemical isotopic analysis and microstructural analysis. With our highly experienced staff and our flexible laboratories we have unique capability  to serve the industry with novel technology and methods.

To enable testing programs of radioactive materials, international class 7 transportation and final storage are often critical. Studsvik has a long experience of handling such tasks and can offer project management and efficient solutions for these crucial challenges. In addition, Studsvik has a large library of irradiated fuel rods, core components and structural materials from commercial nuclear reactors.

Studsvik also offers a wide range of consultancy and engineering services and solutions to help customers enhance their operations. Our position at the heart of some of the world’s foremost radioactive waste projects means we have industry-leading expertise in fields such as radioactive waste management, radiation safety and protection, safety analysis and licensing, radiological inventory, characterization and clearance. Our experience and leading methodology save customer’s time and money and enhance their reputation for delivering world class operations.

Core Competences
Mechanical design, construction, verification tests, irradiation, testing equipment, laboratory equipment, test rigs, materials testing, development, research, reactor components, high dose environment

Industry Sectors
Nuclear, Energy, Research, Engineering,

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Civil engineering, building and technical services
Gases, chemicals, waste collection and radiation equipment
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials

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Studsvik Nuclear AB
SE-61182 Nyköping, Sweden
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