Stavanger Steel AB

Company Profile
Steel foundry that produces complex high alloyed steel in combination with advanced geometries. We also take care of the following machining and finishing operations.
We can contribute with a flexible production capacity and a great material knowhow. Using the correct material in applications. We take a natural seat early in development projects to reap the benefits of using castings.

Core Competences
Material Knowhow
Stainless steel
High alloyed steel 

Industry Sectors
Marine, Process, Defence, Oil & Gas, Hydropower

Rolls Royce, Somas, National Oilwell Varco, Andritz

Company Size

Procurement Codes
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials

Contact Information
Stavanger Steel AB
Box 43, SE- 364 04 Norrhult 

Andreas Korzonek
Head of Sales
+46 70 553 0919