SKF Sverige

Company Profile
A world of reliable rotation, established 1907, leading player in bearing industry, Gothenburg Sweden Head office, rolling element bearings, service, lubrication, sealings and linear motion. All industries. Hydrostatic shoe bearings with oil system, all manufactured in Sweden. Special bearings for telescopes, additional stiffness properties

Core Competences
Bearings and related services, rotating equipment performance, lubrication , seals and condition monitoring . Linear motion products.
For big science are hydrostatic shoe bearings in many cases very interesting.

Industry Sectors
All industrial sectors with rotating equipment, automotive, astronomy, defence, metals, pulp & paper, marine, energy and wind.

Hydrostatical bearings and engineering for ten telescopes. Linear actuators for telescopes. Bearings of any type to almost all industries. Knowledge engineering, simulations.

Company size

Procurement codes
Civil engineering, building and technical services
Electrical engineering and magnets
Information technology
Mechanical engineering and raw materials
Optics and photonics

Contact information

SKF Sverige AB
Von Utfallsgatan 2, SE-415 50 Göteborg, Sweden
+46 31 337 10 00

Hans Norrman
Business Manager, Hydrostatic Bearing Solutions
+46 702 35 99 61