Cadarache, France; European procurement organisation F4E in Barcelona, Spain


Att göra affärer direkt med ITER

Att göra affärer genom Fusion for Energy, F4E

Direkt till Fusion for Energy-upphandlingar

ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is a global cooperation project, funded by 35 nations, to build the world’s largest Tokamak reactor for research into fusion energy. It will be the largest fusion experiment facility in the world and the first to produce net energy, producing 500 MW of power from an input of 50 MW. It will be the first plant that integrates all the various technologies needed to operate a fusion reactor. Experiments at ITER are scheduled to begin in 2025, and the construction budget is EUR 20 billion. F4E (Fusion for Energy) is the EU organisation responsible for the EU contribution to ITER.


ITER—the energy of the future

The ITER Vacuum Vessel - Where the Fusion Reaction Unfolds

ITER by drone - February 2019