Promech Lab Holding

Company Profile
We have specially designed research equipment since 1986. Simplicity, function and reliability are our signum. We learn new things every day.

Core Competences
Delivery of devices, systems, components
Follow-up with manufacturer
Offer manufacturing solutions on complex components

Industry Sectors
Mechanics big as small

Medimunne Inc., USA
Glenmarks Pharma, India
Bracco Img., Italy
AstraZeneca, Sweden
Several universities around the globe

Company Size

Procurement codes
Electronics and radio frequency
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials
Particle and photon detectors
Vacuum and low temperature

Contact Information
Promech Lab Holding AB
Almviksv 41, B25, SE-21845 Vintrie, Sweden

Jurgen Persson
Founder, CEO, Mechanical engineer
+46 704604391