Company Profile
Polyamp has more than 50 years’ experience in design for switch mode power supplies, embedded and software design and is also manufacturer with a project organisation.

In a Max IV project we used table standard power supplies from Delta Elektronika, Netherlands. In this project some magnets were designed with a stabilizing equipment for paralleling of several such units with 100 ppm accuracy. We also added knowledge with our project administration.

Our main business today is producing Degaussing system for Naval ships and submarines, which is based on controlled bipolar with continuous zero crossing power supplies that are distributed around such vessel, using magnetic sensors and control systems. This gives us knowledge of magnetics in large structures as well as multi sensor systems.

We can deliver power units or systems from 150 W to 300 kW and stable reliable low noise DC/DC converters 100 W to 2000 W, in one unit and then parallelable.

Procurement Codes
Electrical engineering and magnets
Electronics and radio frequency

Core Compences
Design in power, embedded and software
Manufacturer with a project organisation
Power supplies,  low noise, high accuracy with many types of interfaces
Software for large structure
Magnetic analyses using Biot-Savart law.

Contact Information
Polyamp AB
Bäckgatan 10, SE-597 53 Åtvidaberg 
+46 120 85 400

Eric Östlund