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Nuvia Nordic

Nuvia offers highly specialized services and products to demanding environments focusing on nuclear and science applications. Our service offering includes all parts of a facilitie’s lifecylce, from new build to maintenance and decommissioning. We deliver highly specialized engineering capabilities in engineering, technical maintenance and installation as well as radiation protection services. We also develop our own radiation protection products sold worldwide to nuclear facilities.

Procurement Codes
Civil engineering, building and technical services
Gases, chemicals, waste collection and radiation equipment
Health, safety and environment
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials

Core Compences
Radiation protection
Major big projects
New builds
Waste management
Radiation monitoring equipment 
Fire protection

Contact Information
Nuvia Nordic AB
Fallhammargatan 3b, SE-721 33 Västerås
+46 (0)21 13 34 13

Tobias Gustavsson