12 February 2024

Register on supplier databases!

Make sure your company name is in the discussion as soon as research facilities start looking for potential suppliers. Register your company details in the supplier databases today if you haven’t already done so.

Big Science Sweden connects Swedish industry with Big Science organisations. We open doors and find ways for Swedish high-tech companies, universities and research institutes to broaden their contact networks and win more contracts with Big Science facilities. An important first step is for companies to register on supplier databases.

Companies registered in supplier databases are in a strong position as soon as procurement processes begin.

“We can see clearly that our work is having an impact, because our member companies are winning orders from both Swedish and international research facilities, such as ESS, MAX IV, CERN, ESO, and FAIR,” says Catarina Sahlberg Programme Director, Big Science Sweden.

How to Register and Submit Bids (BiSS Lathund)

Our handy guide (in Swedish) explains how the research facilities process submitted tenders, and includes links to more detailed information specific to each facility.

Biss Lathund