Microbas Precision


Company Profile
Microbas provides precision components and customized solutions in granite, glass ceramics, glass, aluminum, steel or other bespoke materials for the global high-tech industry and research institutions.

Core Competences
Precision granite
Optical glass grinding and machining
Invar machining
Precision Lapping
Zerodur machining
Clearceram machining
Fused Silica machining
Precision metals machining

Industry Sectors
Electronics manufacturing equipment
Advanced machines
Thin film technology
Space optics
Research institutions and projects
Metrology and calibration

ESO – Precision machining of glass ceramics
Max IV – Precision granite
ESS – Mirror assembly
Mycronic AB – Machine bases, stages, beams and other ultra-precision components
Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH – Light weighting and precision grinding of mirrors
Safran REOSC - Light weighting and precision grinding of mirrors. Lens grinding
University of Leiden (Astron/Nova) – Precision grinding of mirrors and lenses
Eldim SA - Lens grinding
Coherent Inc. – Precision granite

Company size

Procurement codes 
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials
Optics and photonics

Contact Information
Microbas Precision AB
Tippvägen 4, SE-281 41 Hässleholm, Sweden
+46 451 15200

Magnus Lindvall
Managing Director
+46 708 33 52 06