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Company Profile
Low Noise Factory (LNF) offers the lowest noise, highest performance Low Noise Amplifiers in the world. Our cryogenic models have become the de-facto standard in physics related research throughout the world thanks to their unprecedented sensitivity. Our lowest noise model offers a noise figure of less than 0.03 dB. LNF provides its customers with state-of-the-art LNAs for radio astronomy, physics research and telecom applications.

Core Competences
When Low Noise Factory was founded it was the first commercial company offering true state-of-the-art LNAs. Today, more than a decade later, LNF is still the only company in the world offering these products commercially. Our engineers have more than 35 years of experience in designing LNAs from California Institute of
Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Chalmers University of Technology.

Industry Sectors
Physics research, Quantum computers, radio astronomy, telecom.

LNF manufactures, tests and delivers about 1000 cryogenic Low Noise Amplifiers annually. The big markets are quantum computer related research and radio astronomy.

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Electrical engineering and magnets
Electronics and radio frequency

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Low Noise Factory AB
Nellickevägen 22, SE-412 63 Gothenburg, Sweden
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Niklas Wadefalk
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