Laser Nova


Company Profile
Expertise in micro machining using low to medium power lasers. Precise cutting in thickness 15 um <= 3mm.
Precise welding 20 um foils, up to 3 mm in thickness. Stainless, titanium, copper, covar, inconel.
Basic material analysis, internal Zeiss SEM.

Core Competences
Laser processes, micro welding, micro cutting, surface structuring, pre-studies using NdYAG and fibre lasers. Several systems available for production.

Industry Sectors
Space, micro machining, surgical and medical devices, dental devices, R&D organizations, off shore and subsea applications e.g. encapsuling of sensors for deep sea applications.

CERN, Alcatel Subsea Networks, DOVER, Integrum, Max IV

Company Size

Procurement Codes
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials

Contact Information
Laser Nova AB
Odenskogsvägen 1A, SE-831 48 Östersund, Sweden

Rickard Olsson
+46 63 18 08 80