Technological development

Our Knowledge Transfer Office makes scientific and technological advances accessible to a wider range of users. Knowledge can be transferred both upstream to the research facilities and downstream to industry and academia.

One of our key tasks is to facilitate the dissemination of research findings and technical advances downstream from Big Science facilities and promote their practical implementation in society. This can take the form of new products, processes, applications, materials, or services.

Another task is to ensure that the latest developments in academia and industry here in Sweden are transferred upstream to the Big Science facilities, where they can be used to resolve challenges and form the basis of further research.

We can already see results from the knowledge transfer activities that Big Science Sweden has arranged.

Our Big Science AIMday 2019 resulted in five top-quality pre-studies, one of which advanced into a major project involving Uppsala University, Linnaeus University, and a cluster of technology companies. The aim is to develop energy-efficient superconducting magnets by combining research and technical development. Read more

An innovation partnership between ABB and CERN emerged from our knowledge transfer collaboration programme with CERN. The partnership will use data insight and expertise to reduce the energy consumption of CERN’s cooling and ventilation system by up to 15 percent. Read more

Knowledge transfer with CERN

Our collaboration with the CERN Knowledge Transfer Group employs a challenge-driven approach to identify strategic innovation challenges in Swedish companies, and match them with unique CERN know-how and technology.

Our knowledge transfer collaboration with CERN is well-established. A number of hands-on collaboration projects have been identified together with industry, and we are looking into different project set-ups and models for collaboration.

Knowledge transfer with ESS

We arrange various activities on AI and data management with ESS, researchers, and industry. Examples are a pilot study for AI in complex systems together with the ESS Control System Data Lab, Lund University, and industry, and several activities concerning EPICS, an open-source software that enables industries to integrate and develop industrial automation control systems.

AIMday Big Science Technology

Ahead of our AIMday events, research facilities identify and submit the technological challenges they are facing. At the workshop, representatives from research facilities then discuss solutions to their challenges with scientists at Swedish universities and institutes and with representatives from high-tech companies that deliver to Big Science.

More information

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