Sweden – a Big Science nation driving innovation

With our Knowledge Transfer Office, we are making scientific and technological development accessible to a wider range of users. The aim is to further develop and exploit technology into new products, processes, applications, materials, or services.

We are continuously expanding our partnerships within the international innovation ecosystem, enabling us to become a strategic and functional partner that promotes industrial utilisation in Sweden.

Knowledge transfer activities during 2020

Knowledge transfer collaboration programme – a partnership with CERN Knowledge Transfer Group. The programme employs a challenge-driven approach to identify strategic innovation challenges in Swedish companies, and match them with unique CERN know-how and technology.

  • Knowledge transfer event, ‘Discovery Day’ with Swedish industry, together with CERN.
  • Knowledge transfer track, together with CERN at Big Science Sweden Conference 2020.
  • Pilot study for AI in complex systems – a collaboration between the ESS Control System Data Lab, Lund University and industry.
  • Several activities around EPICS, an open-source software
    that enables industries to integrate and develop industrial
    automation control systems
    – Training in EPICS for industry, together with the EPICS community.
    – EPICS Seminar in the network ‘Smart production’ for Swedish industry, together with ESS and Combient.
  • Result from AIMday – Large projects around cold magnets

We can already see results from the knowledge transfer activities that Big Science Sweden has arranged. Our Big Science AIMday 2019 resulted in five top-quality pre-studies, and one of the pre-studies has now advanced into a major project. This new collaboration project, with funding of SEK 19 million, involves Uppsala University, Linnaeus University, and a cluster of technology companies. The aim is to develop energy-efficient superconducting magnets, combining research and technical development to create global competitiveness.

Big Science Sweden is continuing to work in strong collaboration with CERN. A number of hands-on collaboration projects have been identified together with industry, and we are looking into different project set-ups and models for collaboration.

We will continue to work with knowledge transfer in specific technology areas, and we are looking forward to strengthening Swedish industry with knowledge and expertise from research facilities.

We will also broaden our collaboration, and start working with knowledge transfer tracks at other research facilities. The community around large-scale research facilities will strengthen European competitiveness, and Big Science Sweden is looking forward to playing a role.

More information

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Business Development & Knowledge Transfer


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