KG Fridman AB, suppliers of advanced materials as well as high precision mechanics and sub-assemblies thereof. Machining and assembly of large and small, tightly toleranced mechanical components. We also offer components made of technical ceramics, ceramic/metal-composites with extreme properties, Molybdenum-graphite developed and used by CERN, heat-sink materials such as copper-diamond plus our own material developments within technical ceramics.

Core Competence
Tightly toleranced mechanical components and sub-assemblies - large and small
Technical ceramics
Ceramic/metal-composite materials, conductive materials for EDM
Ceramic nozzles
Spark Plasma Sintering

Industry sectors
Defense, medical, metrology, big-science

CERN, GE Healthcare, SAAB, Hexagon

Company size

Procurement codes
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials
Particle and photon detectors
Vacuum and low temperature

Contact Information
KG Fridman AB
Box 496, SE-651 11 Karlstad, Sweden
+46 (0)54 18 52 15

Alain Lennquist
+ 46 703 17 67 62