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Join us for a study visit of the European XFEL and DESY


Study visit to the European XFEL and DESY facilities nearby Hamburg

Tour of the facilities. Possibility to pitch your company’s main business and the main product/service that You can offer to facilities as DESY and European XFEL.
You will get an understanding of the just inaugurated X-ray laser (XFEL) and the synchrotron light facility Petra III at DESY. Futhermore; industrial liaison officers, key managers and technology transfer officers will be available for networking.
We will fly out in the afternoon April 10 and then spend a whole day, April 11, at the facilities

Time: 10-11 April
Place: Hamburg
Important information:

  • Transportation to and from Hamburg shall be arranged by yourself
  • Hotel rooms are pre booked at Hotel Klövensteen at the price of 85 Euro
  • Joint dinner in the evening of the10th will be arranged by us
  • The study visit will be held between 9 and 1630 on the 11th of April

To register, send an email to Mats Larsson

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Join us in an exciting workshop about AI in production systems


Future Production Systems Supported by Artificial Intelligence
Workshop, 17th of April 2018

Cross Border Science and Society in collaboration with Big Science Sweden and ESS invites to the technology workshop “Future Production Systems Supported by Artificial Intelligence”.

How can organizations use artificial intelligence to improve their productivity? The ESS particle accelerator will consist of almost two million control points, a highly complex production environment. Complex production facilities at present include some 200.000 control points and the complexity is constantly increasing.

The workshop will focus on future applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in advanced production systems with examples from research and projects at production companies. The participants will discuss questions on how to harness the potential of AI in order to reap the full benefits of automation.

Time: 17th of April, 2018, 09.00 – 16.00
Place: AF, Sandgatan 2, Lund, Sweden

Some topics for the presentations during the day:

  • ESS and Machine Learning
  • Siemens, RISE customer, deviation detection and uh-planning
  • Streaming Analytics for Anomaly Detection on Large Data Sets
  • Presentation, Start-up software company, concerning  post above
  • Statistical machine learning for deviation detection, diagnosis, and prediction
  • Presentation of Start-up software company



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to Feb 28

Big Scinece Business Forum 2018 i Köpenhamn. Du träffar oss i monter är 39 + 40

Big Science Business Forum 2018
En mässa med fokus på leverantörer och affärer

Den 26-28 februari 2018 går Big Science Business Forum 2018 (BSBF2018) av stapeln på Tivoli Congress Center i Köpenhamn. Här samlas de stora europeiska forskningsanläggningarna, såsom CERN, ESS, ESO, F4E, XFEL, för att berätta om sina inköpsbehov kommande år och träffa leverantörer
Att delta på BSBF2018 är en unik möjlighet för svenska företag att synas och att träffa tekniker och inköpare från åtta Big Science-anläggningar samt hundratals andra företag på Big Science-marknaden. Det öppnar upp viktiga möjligheter att hitta affärsmöjligheter med såväl anläggningar som med andra europeiska företag.
Under Big Science Business Forum 2018 kommer det även att finnas en integrerad industriutställning med ett begränsat antal montrar. Big Science Sweden bjuder in ert företag att delta i Big Science Sweden-montern.

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