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Business and innovation with Big Science Sweden at Skåne Innovation Week

  • Ideon Science Park, konferensrum: Square (map)
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Explore business and innovation with Big Science Sweden at Skåne Innovation Week

How can more companies secure business for high-tech products and services to Big Science facilities? Big Science Sweden is helping Big Science facilities across the world finding Swedish suppliers. We work with companies with a wide range of technical specialities, providing different types of solutions and resources. We guide them in developing their knowledge and skills to solve critical problems for Big Science facilities creating both business and innovation.

Welcome to an inspiring afternoon with big science, space, innovation and more!

Where: Ideon Science Park, Scheelevägen 15, Lund, meeting room Square
When? 29th of May at 3 pm – 5 pm

Speakers and topics:

Big Science Sweden – how to create business and innovation

Anna Hall, Program Director Big Science Sweden how to make business with facilities like CERN, ESS and Max IV.

Examec – a high-tech supplier to Cern

Mats Olsson, CEO at Examec shares his experience from working together with CERN.

Plastics for Big Science

Leif Gjerløv Jenson, Carlsson & Möller about the evolution of plastics and experiences of being a supplier of plastic components to Big Science facilities like ESS, MAX IV, DESY, XFEL and ILL.

Space innovations creating business

Per Persson, Director of the Department of Innovation & Economic Development at Lund Municipality: How can we bring space technology to Swedish industry and create new innovations?

Focus on smart materials

Mia Rolf, CEO, Ideon Science Park, on why smart materials is one of Ideon’s four focus areas.

High Level Forum

Alain Astier, Scientific Advisor to the CEO of CEA Tech & High Level Forum Coordinator, will tell us about the High Level Forum initiative.


Get to know some of the Swedish ILO’s, who all have a close relation with the thirteen different Big Science facilitites which Sweden is investing in. There will be a great chance to network at the After work.

This event is for free.

Follow this link to sign up at Skåne Innovation Week


Big Science Sweden is the official Swedish ILO-organization financed by Vinnova, Vetenskapsrådet and Tillväxtverket. We are helping Big Science facilities across the world finding Swedish high-tech suppliers for business and innovation.

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Big Science Friday – träffa andra företagare och intressenter inom Big Science-världen

  • Ideon Science Park, Agora, tredje våningen (map)
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Starta fredag 8 juni med frukost på Ideon hos Big Science Sweden


Big Science Friday är ett forum där företagare möter andra företagare. Programmet kommer uppdateras med någon intressant talare. 

Vi träffas på Ideon och en god frukost finns alltid.
Varma hälsningar från Big Science Sweden teamet!

Mötena är kostnadsfria – men fyll gärna i formuläret nedan att du kommer. 

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8:45 AM08:45

ESS Instruments Industry Day on the 8th of June 2018 in Paris


This event is organized conjointly with Germany and Switzerland.

  • Please find here the invitation letter from the French, German and Swiss ILOs.
  • If you are interested in this event, please register here
  • And visit the event website to know more about the event:

Please note that we have a limited number of spaces and the deadline registration is the 18th of May 2018.
We are looking forward to meet you, please received our best regards.
The French, German and Swiss ILOs & The Organising Committee


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9:00 AM09:00

Join us in an exciting workshop about AI in production systems

Future Production Systems Supported by Artificial Intelligence

Cross Border Science and Society in collaboration with Big Science Sweden and ESS invites to the technology workshop “Future Production Systems Supported by Artificial Intelligence”.

How can organizations use artificial intelligence to improve their productivity? The ESS particle accelerator will consist of almost two million control points, a highly complex production environment. Complex production facilities at present include some 200.000 control points and the complexity is constantly increasing.

The workshop will focus on future applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in advanced production systems with examples from research and projects at production companies. The participants will discuss questions on how to harness the potential of AI in order to reap the full benefits of automation.

Some topics for the presentations during the day

  • ESS and Machine Learning
  • Siemens, RISE customer, deviation detection and uh-planning
  • Streaming Analytics for Anomaly Detection on Large Data Sets
  • Presentation, Start-up software company, concerning  post above
  • Statistical machine learning for deviation detection, diagnosis, and prediction
  • Presentation of Start-up software company

Preliminary Programme

09.00 Registration and coffee

09.30 Welcome
Anna Hall, Big Science Sweden

09.40 ESS and Machine Learning
Henrik Carling, Head of Integrated Controls System Division, ESS

10.00 Industry 4.0 – ESS and Max IV as Drivers of Industrial IT Development
Charlotta Johansson, LTH

10.20 The Autonomous Factory – A Vision of the Future
Bo Bernhardsson, LTH               

10.40 Epics
Bob Dalesio, Osprey Distributed Control Systems

11.00 Using AI to Control Particle Accelerators at Cern
Fernando Varela Rodriguez, Cern

11.20 Streaming Analytics for Anomaly Detection on Large
Jim Dowling, RISE, Data Sets

11.40 Statistical Machine Learning for Deviation Detection
Anders Holst, RISE, Diagnosis, and Prediction

12.00 AI in Physics
Abbey Waldron, Computer Science Retreat

12.15 Lunch                                                  

13.00 AB Volvo – A Generic Vision-Based System
Using AI for Control of a Robot Fleet
Per-Lage Götvall, AB Volvo and Knut Åkesson, Chalmers

13.20 Applied AI in Underground Mining
Daniel Enström, Mobilaris

13.40 AI for Autonomous Manufacturing
Alf Isaksson, ABB Corporate Research

14.00 Round Table Discussions:
Ask participants upon registration to contribute a question.
We organize round table discussions around those questions.

Workshop, 29th of August 2018


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to May 9

Space Innovation Forum 6 och invigningen av Aerospace Cluster Sweden’s norra nod

Skärmavbild 2018-04-12 kl. 15.27.24.png

Det här eventet belyser rymd- och flygindustrins ekosystem med fokus på små och medelstora företag och deras viktiga roll som leverantörer och innovatörer inom området. Möt även representanter från den svenska rymd- och flygindustrin och ta del av branschens framtida utveckling.

By Rymd för innovation och tillväxt (RIT) / Space for Innovation and Growth

Welcome to two days filled with business opportunities and intense discussions about the growing aerospace industry in Sweden. This event focuses on the ecosystem surrounding the aerospace industry with a special emphasis on small and medium enterprises and their vital role as suppliers and innovators in the community.

Why should you attend?
Space Industry and SMEs Grow your network, find new partners and business opportunities, discuss the latest development and trends in the fast growing space industry.
Scientists Learn how to identify the needs of the industry, attract strong project partners that increases your hit rate with succesful research applications. Meet colleagues from the space industry and find new collaboration opportunities.

Students Discover more about your future industry together with scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders within the Swedish space community and take a first step toward building your professional network.
Organizers Space Innovation Forum is hosted in collaboration with the partners of the RIT project and stakeholders within Aerospace Cluster Sweden.

Register and see full program with this link:

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8:00 AM08:00

Big Science Friday – träffa andra företagare och intressenter inom Big Science-världen

  • Ideon Science Park, Agora, tredje våningen (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Starta fredag den 4 maj med frukost hos Big Science Sweden


Big Science Friday är ett forum där företagare möter andra företagare. Första gången ut för Big Science Friday berättar programdirektör Anna Hall vad som är på G inom Big Science på anläggningarna. 

Dessutom kommer Leif Gjerløv Jenson från Carlsson & Möller om att vara leverantör av plastkomponenter till anläggningarnas acceleratorer tex ESS, Max IV, DESY, XFEL och ILL.

Vi träffas på Ideon i Lund och en god frukost finns alltid.
Varma hälsningar från Big Science Sweden teamet!

Mötena är kostnadsfria – men fyll gärna i formuläret nedan att du kommer. 

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8:30 AM08:30

Open Breakfast 8:30 am @ Ideon Open med Anna Hall

Skärmavbild 2018-04-16 kl. 09.22.52.png

We hope you will join us for breakfast at our Ideon Open office during the spring.

This will present an opportunity to learn to know other people working in the environment and exchange information and experiences with them. Learn how your organization can use this open environment to go beyond the current corporate limits.


At our next breakfast on May 2nd, Anna Hall will be presenting Big Science Sweden

– a new initiative created to support Swedish companies in their efforts to obtain orders from big international research facilities.

There is no sign-up required, but if you plan to attend on May 2nd

it is helpful if you send a message to

Warm greetings from the teams of Ideon Open

Address: Ideon Alfa, level 3, Scheelevägen 15

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to Apr 11

Join us for a study visit of the European XFEL and DESY


Study visit to the European XFEL and DESY facilities nearby Hamburg

Tour of the facilities. Possibility to pitch your company’s main business and the main product/service that You can offer to facilities as DESY and European XFEL.
You will get an understanding of the just inaugurated X-ray laser (XFEL) and the synchrotron light facility Petra III at DESY. Futhermore; industrial liaison officers, key managers and technology transfer officers will be available for networking.
We will fly out in the afternoon April 10 and then spend a whole day, April 11, at the facilities

Time: 10-11 April
Place: Hamburg
Important information:

  • Transportation to and from Hamburg shall be arranged by yourself
  • Hotel rooms are pre booked at Hotel Klövensteen at the price of 85 Euro
  • Joint dinner in the evening of the10th will be arranged by us
  • The study visit will be held between 9 and 1630 on the 11th of April

To register, send an email to Mats Larsson

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to Feb 28

Big Scinece Business Forum 2018 i Köpenhamn. Du träffar oss i monter är 39 + 40

Big Science Business Forum 2018
En mässa med fokus på leverantörer och affärer

Den 26-28 februari 2018 går Big Science Business Forum 2018 (BSBF2018) av stapeln på Tivoli Congress Center i Köpenhamn. Här samlas de stora europeiska forskningsanläggningarna, såsom CERN, ESS, ESO, F4E, XFEL, för att berätta om sina inköpsbehov kommande år och träffa leverantörer
Att delta på BSBF2018 är en unik möjlighet för svenska företag att synas och att träffa tekniker och inköpare från åtta Big Science-anläggningar samt hundratals andra företag på Big Science-marknaden. Det öppnar upp viktiga möjligheter att hitta affärsmöjligheter med såväl anläggningar som med andra europeiska företag.
Under Big Science Business Forum 2018 kommer det även att finnas en integrerad industriutställning med ett begränsat antal montrar. Big Science Sweden bjuder in ert företag att delta i Big Science Sweden-montern.

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