Gammadata Instrument

Company Profile
In the Scandinavian region, Gammadata Instrument AB, founded in 1987, is the leading supplier of equipment and tailor-made solutions for analytical instrumentation, optical spectroscopy, radiation analysis and protection, material characterisation, laser science, optoelectronics as well as for natural science education.

Core Competences
Radiation Detection. Laser Solution & Light Detection. Microscopy & Spectroscopy. Material Characterization. Elemental Analysis.

Industry Sectors
Nuclear Power
Hospital Physics
Steel, Recycling & Mineral
Military & Security
Radon & Geophysics
Oil & Paper
Material Processing
Thermal Analysis
Life Science.

ESS. MaxLab. All universities. All Nuclear Power plants etc. etc.

Company Size

Procurement Codes
Electronics and radio frequency
Gases, chemicalswaste collection and radiation equipment
Health, safety and environment
Optics and photonics, Particle and photon detectors

Contact Information
Gammadata Instrument AB
Box 15120
SE-750 02 Uppsala
+46 18 56 68 00

Stefan Isaksson
Business Unit Manager
+46 705 92 63 56