Fagerström Industrikonsult

Company Profile
”Designs and solutions that no one else thought of”.  We are not industry specific so we can offer technical improvements in most types of processes and within all sectors of the industry.
We are frequently commissioned for developing unique specialized machines. 
For others, we realize long-term development project. An example is the cooperation with the Swedish nuclear industry and The European Spallation Source, where we interact with their organizations and conducts joint projects.
Fagerström has since many years close cooperation with various subcontractors who meet the same high level of quality standards as our own. 
Naturally, we are quality and environmentally certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Core Competences
Technical Solutions: Technical consulting activities such as machine design, pipe and steel structures with associated calculations and project management.
Remote handling systems: Deco Systems
Development, manufacturing and decontamination system, to clean components from radioactive particles.
Production Systems: Project responsibilities, development, design, delivery and commissioning of complete production lines and plants.
Pharma Systems: Feasibility studies, development and validation with rigorous control and high standards of analysis and manufacturing.

Industry Sectors
Research facilities
Spallation source

ESS, The European Spallation Source:
Active cell, Design, documentation and inspection plans. Hot cell facility for handling of radioactive waste
Proton Beam Window, Component separating ultra-high vacuum in Accelerator beam pipe from rough vacuum in Monolith Vessel
Chopper group, Design of different choppers for the instruments. Design of remote handling tools for the installation of the choppers
Casks and Associated Handling Devices, Design and documentation. Equipment for transport of used radioactive and contaminated and 200 more projects.

Company size

Procurement codes
Civil engineering, building and technical services
Mechanical engineering and raw materials

Contact information

Fagerström Industrikonsult AB
La Cours Gata 4, SE-252 31 Helsingborg, Sweden
+46 771 21 88 00

Per Fagerström
+46 705 94 86 16