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Delivering metrological confidence!  Exova Metech is a leading, independent full service provider of measurement and calibration services. With over 60 years of experience, we provide one of the broadest and most reliable ranges of calibration, accredited calibration and measurement technology services in Europe. In June 2018 Exova Metech will become Element and be able to offer 6200 engaged experts in 200 locations in over 30 countries across five continents. We will be one of the global leaders in the field during 2018.

Core Competences
Material testing, Calibration, Measuring assignments, Product Qualification testing, Certification, Consultancy. 
Instrument calibration: As a full-service provider, Exova Metech is the single point of contact for all your instrument calibration, service and administration needs.
Leading measurement service provider.
We are experts in interpreting quality requirements and standards from many industry sectors. We will help you to identify and implement the right quality level throughout the organisation.

Industry Sectors
Processing Industry, Mechanical Industry, Aerospace, Fire and Building products, Infrastructure and Environmental, Oil and Gas, Transportation and Industrials.

We are continuously delivering our service to the leading global industries around the world.

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25 june 2018
Element Materials Technology and Exova Group Limited are coming together to create the best and most trusted testing partner in the world.

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Box 73, SE-241 21 Eslöv, Sweden
Åkermansväg 10, SE-241 38  Eslöv, Sweden

Patrik Linné
+46 10 603 61 93