Exir Broadcasting


Company Profile
Develop and manufacture innovative passive RF components with 10-year Guarantee. We are specialized in customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Core Competences
Design and production of passive RF components and on site support.

Industry Sectors
Transmission Lines and Wave guides Customized Solutions Research and Development

Transmission line to Maxlab, Solaris, ESS and Freia including installation support and supervision (Big Science). Custom designed passive components, i.e. adapters, directionally coupler etc to Cern, Maxlab, Solaris, ESS and Freia (Big Science). Other components delivery to various Big Science plants around the world.

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Procurement code
Electronics and radio frequency

Contact information

Exir Broadcasting AB
Industrigatan 17, SE-242 31 Hörby, Sweden +46 415 30 14 00

Magnus Wiberg
Technical Area Sales Manager
+46 415 30 14 05