Digital Mechanics Sweden

Company Profile
Digital Mechanics is a leading innovator in smart additive 3D production. As experienced problem solvers we offer customers access to our digital factory for fast 3D printing of complex plastic and metal details both in prototyping and production ready parts. We always strive for long term customer relationships for the best possible quality and delivery precision. We have global delivery capacity.

Core Competences
3D printing in plastic.
3D printing in metal.
Silicon tools
Prototype tools 
Rotary casting 
Lost wax casting 
Sand casting 
Precision casting 

Industry Sectors
Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Manufacturing, Construction, Engineering, energy, mining etc.

Company Size

Procurement Codes
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials

Contact Information
Digital Mechanics Sweden AB
Tallmätargatan 1C
SE-721 34 Västerås, Sweden

Andreas Södergren
+46 (0)21-475 53 21