The MEDIPIX Collaboration

Coordinating university: Mid Sweden University,

Project description
The MEDIPIX collaboration, coordinated by CERN, is developing readout electronics for single photon processing pixel detectors. The objective is to make detectors for spectral X-ray imaging as well as for particle tracking. Applications outside of high-energy physics can for example be found in medical imaging and material science. Current resolution is in the keV and ns range.


Mid Sweden University:

  • Christer Fröjdh, Professor, radiation detection and imaging

  • David Krapohl, Doctor, radiation detection and imaging

  • Göran Thungström, Docent, semiconductor and radiation physics

  • Börje Norlin, Doctor, spectral X-ray imaging

Core deliverables

  • Detector electronics and readout systems

  • Sensors for different types of radiation

  • Theory for spectral imaging and tracking



Procurement codes
Civil engineering, building and technical services
Information technology
Particle and photon detectors
Optics and photons
Health, safety and environment