Carlsson & Möller

Company Profile
Termoplastics /Termosets /Composite
Engineering plastics produced after drawing on our own factory in Helsingborg, Sweden
Advice – manufacturing – know how = best solution.
Founded 70 years ago. Today 71 employed. Turnover 13 mill. EUR.
Flexibility on material, and order quantity from one piece to many pieces.
Together we create new possibilities.

Core Competences
Temperature range from + 250C to – 180 C
Low and high friction. 
Dimensions stability
Radiation resistant materials
Magnetic materials
Electrical isolation and conductive materials
Termic isolation and conductive materials
Composite Plastic – within fillers as Steel, Ceramic, Boron, MoS2, Bronz, Glass, Carbon

Industry Sectors
Accelerators/Spallation/Nuclear Plants

Big Science, oil/gas, nuclear. Electrical & Termic isolation to Accelerators & instruments
Dimension stable materials within Carbon to accelerator instruments
Epoxy and glass epoxy materials to accelerator instruments
Thermoplastic parts for packing Machines.
All produced in own factory in Helsingborg.

Company size

Procurement codes
Information technology
Mechanical engineering and raw materials
Vacuum and low temperature
Particle and photon detectors
Gases, chemicals, waste collection and radiation equipment 

Contact information

Carlsson & Möller
Garnisonsgatan 45, Box 22161
SE 25023 Helsingborg, Sweden
+46 42 25 38 00

Leif Gjerlov
Technical Sales Engineer
+45 23 70 78 42