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Space Innovation Forum 6 och invigningen av Aerospace Cluster Sweden’s norra nod

  • Space Campus Rymdcampus 1 Kiruna Sweden (map)
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Det här eventet belyser rymd- och flygindustrins ekosystem med fokus på små och medelstora företag och deras viktiga roll som leverantörer och innovatörer inom området. Möt även representanter från den svenska rymd- och flygindustrin och ta del av branschens framtida utveckling.

By Rymd för innovation och tillväxt (RIT) / Space for Innovation and Growth

Welcome to two days filled with business opportunities and intense discussions about the growing aerospace industry in Sweden. This event focuses on the ecosystem surrounding the aerospace industry with a special emphasis on small and medium enterprises and their vital role as suppliers and innovators in the community.

Why should you attend?
Space Industry and SMEs Grow your network, find new partners and business opportunities, discuss the latest development and trends in the fast growing space industry.
Scientists Learn how to identify the needs of the industry, attract strong project partners that increases your hit rate with succesful research applications. Meet colleagues from the space industry and find new collaboration opportunities.

Students Discover more about your future industry together with scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders within the Swedish space community and take a first step toward building your professional network.
Organizers Space Innovation Forum is hosted in collaboration with the partners of the RIT project and stakeholders within Aerospace Cluster Sweden.

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