Ultra High Vacuum at Ess and MAX IV in Lund

Date and time

Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 09:00 - Thursday, October 24, 2019, 18:00


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Ultra High Vacuum at Ess and MAX IV in Lund

For companies that deliver parts, systems, and technical solutions for UHV-related areas of accelerators and light sources. Introduction to construction principles and solutions, parts that can be used, methods for welding and leak testing, and other challenges in the field of Ultra High Vaccum.

A three-day training course in Ultra High Vacuum.  Join us in Lund, at ESS and MAX IV on the 22-24 October 2019.


Day 1: Ultra High Vacuum

Tuesday 22 October – Location ESS, Odarslövsvägen 113, Lund

Our key speaker is Research Engineer Fredrik Arrhén from RISE in Borås.
Fredrik has been a research engineer at RISE for 18 years, specializing in vacuum and related areas. Before he came to RISE he was Laboratory Manager at Pentronic.

Day 2: Construction for Ultra High Vacuum

Wednesday 23 October – Location ESS, Odarslövsvägen 113, Lund

Construction for UHV, components and construction principles, presented by Marcelo Juni Ferreira and colleagues from ESS.
Marcelo Juni Ferreira is energetic and highly motivated and has 32 years’ experience of vacuum science, engineering and project management from universities and research institutes. He is the leader of the vacuum team at ESS.

Day 3: Practical demonstrations at MAX IV

Thursday 24 October – Location MAX IV, Fotongatan 2, Lund

Practical demonstrations and trials of welding, leak testing, and other necessary skills for UHV presented by Eshraq Al Dmour and Marek Grabski, research engineers, together with their colleagues from Max IV. Everyone working with UHV need insight into the practicalities of the production of UHV parts and systems.
Eshraq Al Dmour, vacuum engineer for synchrotron light sources since 2001, with working experience in several facilities, including SESAME, ESRF, ALBA and MAX IV. Currently holding the position as MAX IV engineering group manager.

Marek Grabski specializes in synchrotron light source (storage rings) vacuum systems design, development, installation, and operation.

Most welcome! The number of participants is limited - sign up today.


  • Note: Days 1 and 2 will be held at ESS and Day 3 will be held at MAX IV – all in Lund, Sweden.
  • All presentations will be given in English.
  • The price of participation will be 3,500 SEK per person, including VAT, payable against invoice prior to the course. Lunch and coffee included.

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