BSBF Webinar Miniseries #5

BSBF Webinar Miniseries #5

Thursday, 11 November 2021 09:30 - 12:00

Fusion: Strategies, roadmaps, and development programmes

Draft programme for this BSBF Webinar Miniseries Episode #2. More information on the BSBF homepage.

9:30-9:35 • Opening address and presentation of speakers
Belén – Spanish ILO for ITER and fusion-related projects, CDTI, E.P.E.

9:35-9:55 • European roadmap – DEMO Development Programme
Tony Donné [EUROfusion Programme Manager]

09:55-10:15 • ITER – Beyond the First Plasma

Leonardo Biagioni (F4E Deputy Chief Financial Officer)

10:15-10:35 • IFMIF- DONES Development Programme and future plans
Ángel Ibarra (CIEMAT)

10:35-11:15 • A different view of future fusion developments
Invited companies: Commonwealth Fusion (TBC) and Tokamak Energy (TBC)

11:15-11:45 • Roundtable discussion
Moderated by Søren Bang , Danish ILO for ITER and Fusion ILOs Network Chair

11:45-11:55 • ###### Poll to the audience (slido) ###### (10 min)
Poll on: “How to involve industry in early phases of the European roadmap”

11:55-12:00 • Conclusion and closing address
Belén – Spanish ILO for ITER and fusion related projects, CDTI, E.P.E.


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BSBF webinar miniseries

Ahead of the Big Science Business Forum 2022, the BSBF Webinar Miniseries gives us a glimpse into the future of Big Science infrastructures. In this webinar series we take a look at what the future might hold in terms of new facilities, experiments, upgrades, and challenges.

In three episodes, representatives from different Big Science facilities will present their research and development plans and future projects. This will give industry a picture of their technology needs and opportunities for the collaboration that will drive the Big Science market in the coming decades.

Big Science Business Forum 2020

On 4-7 October 2022, the top European Big Science research facilities will be meeting with industry at the Big Science Business Forum 2022 in Granada (Spain).

At the congress, the facilities will be presenting their business opportunities for industry in the period 2022-2026. Participants will hear about upcoming Big Science investments in different technology areas, and benefit from the unique opportunity of networking with key representatives from Big Science organisations and other stakeholders.