International opportunities for students, graduates, and experienced professionals

Many of the research organisations in which Sweden is a member state offer openings for trained specialists, both those starting their careers and those with experience. Some also arrange educational programmes for students and internships where they can gain valuable work experience.

The Big Science Sweden Outreach Programme spreads information about these opportunities and helps you explore your potential. The programme is aimed at Swedish students at bachelor’s (first cycle), master’s (second cycle), and doctoral (third cycle) levels, researchers, and experienced professionals.

With our personal contacts at CERN, we can help you find career openings in many different job areas. Contact us to arrange an informal discussion about your situation.

If you are looking for international experience, we can help you find the right educational programme, an internship, or even an exciting job at the forefront of science. We have a wide contact network, so we can usually put you in touch with the right person when you are looking to take your next step.

Opportunities at CERN

At CERN, some 2500 staff and 15,000 external scientists advance the boundaries of knowledge regarding the origins of our universe and its smallest building blocks, subatomic particles. Engaged in the largest scientific experiment in the world, CERN needs more than just physicists and engineers. The facility also needs technicians, engineers, physicists, administration staff, lawyers, accountants… and many more specialists.  

If you have completed higher education or postgraduate programmes, or have some experience of working in a research facility, working abroad could be a kick-start for a career in Big Science.

Careers at CERN

Current job opportunities at CERN.

Technician Training Experience (TTE), a 2 year contract

CERN Summer Student Programme 2022

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More information

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