Axis Communications

Company Profile
Axis is the market leader in network video. We invented the world’s first network camera back in 1996 and we’ve been innovators in video surveillance ever since, increasing the security of millions of people worldwide and helping to meet the growing need for a smarter, safer world. With the help of 90,000 partners, spanning 179 countries, we’ve delivered a series of ground- breaking products and many industry firsts. And, we look forward to pioneering many more.

Core Competences
Network surveillance cameras, network audio, physical access control etc.
When you are responsible for a critical facility, you need to be prepared for all sorts of threats. Everything from incidents and theft to terrorism and natural disasters can cause process disrup- tion and safety hazard. With Axis surveillance solutions, you can manage these challenging situations – and make sure your facility runs as smoothly as possible.

Industry Sectors
Big Science, oil & gas, nuclear, critical infrastruc- ture, manufacturing plants etc.

Big science, oil & gas, nuclear, critical infrastruc- ture, manufacturing plants etc.

Company size

Procurement codes
Civil engineering, building and technical services
Information technology
Health, safety and environment

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Axis Communications AB
Emdalavägen 14, SE-Lund, Sweden
+46 46 272 18 00

Andrea Sorri
Director Business development, Critical infrastructure
+39 338 509 38 66