AQ Elautomatik

Company Profile
AQ Elautomatik specialises in the design and production of electrical equipment, electric cabinets, control equipment, control desks, and control systems for demanding industrial customers. We have more than 30 years experience of collaborating with customers with the highest requirements for quality and delivery reliability. Our products are delivered world wide. This has given us solid expertise on local as well as global industry requirements on the products design.
AQ Elautomatik wants to be the complete partner that develops our customers' electrical systems. With our commitment to total quality our customers become long-term partners. We have broad and long experience of the design and assembly of electrical cabinets and in helping customers develop a cost effective product.

Core Competences
AQ Elautomatik is characterised by high flexibility and quality, we offer our customers the following:
Series produced products/electrical cabinets
Project produced products/electrical cabinets
Product development.
Design using E-plan P8 and Elprocad
Prototype development, where the focus is on cost & lead-time
Assembly & design according to UL standard
Review of the product, where we supply the customer with proposals for how we can lower the cost for material and processing.
Global production: Sweden, Bulgaria, India and China
Our own manufactured special enclosures, lacquered and stainless

Industry Sectors
AQ Group consists of about 20 operational subsidiaries divided in 6 business areas. The business areas can deliver entire projects from the initial idea to engineering, purchasing of materials and components, production, assembly and testing. Each subsidiary has an engineering department in close co-operation with the customers and the production. In addition, AQ Group has a number of sites dedicated to Engineering services.
Electric Cabinets
Wiring systems
Injection Molding
Sheet metal processing
System Products
Inductive components
Special Tech. & Engineering

Market segments:
Transportation - Electric - Telecom
Automotive - Power - General Industry & Engineering
Commercial Vehicles - Automation - Defence Industry
Railway - Food & Drug

Company Size

Procurement Codes
Electrical engineering and magnets
Electronics and radio frequency,

Contact Information
AQ Elautomatik AB
Kalkstensvägen 25, SE-224 78 Lund, Sweden

Patrik Olsson
Marketing Coordinator
+46 (0)46-16 25 11