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Company Profile
APR Technology is a high-tech hardware engineering company developing and selling new products for thermal management for various demanding applications. This include liquid cooling based on own-developed pumps without moving parts, for dielectric liquids including Liquid Nitrogen. 
Typical customers are from Space, Medtech, Electronics and other industries. We believe we can help also Big Science industry.
APRtec has own Cleanroom facilities and design/build vacuum equipment including chambers, thermal vacuum test chamber and process chambers.

Core Competences
Vibration free and silent liquid thermal management for equipment, sensors, computing, batteries, electronics and power electronics. Either for heat removal or for exact temperature Control. Or actively controlled thermal conductance/resistance between two areas.
Regulation and switching of Heat, cooling, temperature regulation.
Dielectric immersion cooling of electronics etc
Other applications are High volt/low current power supplies. RF, LNA, low noise applications. Other typical advantages with our systems are vibration-free, silent, long lifetime, radiation tolerance. 
APR has also developed ”Fireworm” sensor cables for temperature monitoring over long distances, with wired as well as wireless sensor nodes.

Industry Sectors
Space, Medtech, Automotive, Electronics, Bioenergy, researchers and research organisations.

Currently qualifying our thermal regulation solution for large Telecoms satellites ARTES,
with Airbus and ESA.
Recently sold thermal management solution for an instrument to be used on the International Space Station (order from NASA).
To other industries we have delivered consultancy services as well as custom made products.

Company size

Procurement codes
Electrical engineering and magnets
Electronics and radio frequency
Vacuum and low temperature
Particle and photon detectors

Contact information

APR Technologies AB
Västra Järnvägsgatan 4, SE-745 39 Enköping
+46 18 444 10 85

Peter Nilsson
+46 707 23 42 81