AirSon Engineering

Company Profile
AirSon Engineering AB provides contracting and consulting services in energy, building technology and controlled indoor climate. AirSon’s focus is mainly on installation-intensive projects with high demands and tight tolerances in e.g. microelec- tronics, medical technology, injection moulding and food industry. By promoting a creative engineering culture and to be in the forefront of technological development, the company has become a textbook-example for good engineers and rethinking innovation. The company has over the years produced an impressive number of pat- ents, new products and commercial ramifications alongside the primary business.

Core Competences
Cleanroom Construction and Installation
HVAC Engineering and Installation
Energy Optimization.

Industry Sectors
Laboratory Facilities, Microelectronics, Pharmaceutical Industry.

We develop the framework, specify the require- ments for the HVAC installation of the ESS facility. We also validate the HVAC engineering work at the research facility.

Company size

Procurement code
Civil engineering, building and technical services

Contact Information

AirSon Engineering AB
Metallgatan 33, SE-262 72 Ängelholm, Sweden
+46 431 40 25 80

Dan Kristensson
+46 431 40 25 88