Advanced Integration Technology Umeå

Company Profile
AIT develops automated and custom made mobile solutions for material handling in Aerospace sector and other industries with high demand for precision and high load capacity. Our products are designed to transport and position precision tools, equipment used for assembly, operators and whole airplane structures during manufacturing. We can also offer custom made automation solutions as robot cells, fixtures and welded constructions. All necessary skills under the same roof, we design, project manage,manufacture, assemble and install and commission on customers sites.

Core Competences
Mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering
Software development
Project management

Industry Sectors
Aerospace industry
Automotive industry.

Aerospace industry – AGV:s (Automated Gauided Vehicles), MGV:s (Manually Guided Vehicles), tools to move aircraft during manufacturing. Totally more than 200 machines delivered.
Automotive industry – Complete automation solutions, custom made >50.

Company size

Procurement codes
Electrical engineering and magnets
Mechanical engineering and raw materials

Contact information

Advanced Integration Technology Umeå AB
Kabelvägen 1J, SE-90133 Umeå, Sweden
+46 90 201 00 00

Mikael Nensén
General Manager
+46 703 33 03 59